Consulting Unplugged Course

What you’ll learn

  • A clear understanding and framework for consulting success including myths
  • Fundamental consulting tradecraft including strategy, innovation, leadership and operational excellence tools and tips
  • How to define and win ideal clients
  • How to sell and negotiate more effectively
  • How to positively influence clients
  • How to deal with difficult clients effectively
  • How to build your own consulting brand and identity
  • How take charge of your super power skills including: improved focus, and creative & critical thinking
  • How to apply various strategies for networking and increase the value of your offering and reach more clients
  • How to work in a big, mid-sized or small consulting firm


  • None! In this course, you will learn from one of the top consultants in the world and will learn you everything you need to know!


Energetic, Unfiltered and Unplugged Consulting Unplugged Course

Consulting Unplugged is a tell-it-like-it-is, online course that teaches you strategies and tricks of the trade on how to become a more trusted and effective client manager, or top advisor. Whether or not you are in professional services, an entrepreneur building client relationships or are serving as an internal change agent who is looking to build closer ties to your colleagues.

Fundamental Hands-On Content

From the fundamentals of advising, selling and delivering client impact you will improve your ability to build your business, social, and personal currency for influencing others, increasing your sales, and developing and long-lasting relationships.

Inspiring Lessons

In this course, you will feel as if you are sitting down with Andrew Pek, one of the world’s most influential, authentic, and trusted advisors to CEOs and businesses of all sizes. Similar to receiving a private, one on one coaching session that will leave you inspired and more confident to achieve your professional, consulting, coaching, and client relationship goals.

Simple and Easy to Use Tools

Real world approaches, tools and techniques that are universal, essential and proven in today’s professional service environment. Go at your own pace learning that is equally balanced between theory and action and mindset and technique.

Real World Examples

Powerful stories that bring realness to the learning experience and will inspire high performance. Chock full of tips and ways to keep the momentum of your consulting and coaching practice operating in a sustainable way and resilient to withstand the inevitable ups and downs of economic and business down-turns.

Who this course is for:

  • Whether you are a seasoned advisor (seeking to learn more tricks of the trade) or just starting out in your advisory practice, this course is for you and will provide you with the fundamentals of building more trusted client relationships.

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