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Complete Investing Course: Ultimate Guide to Picking Stocks!

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Stock Market Basics
  • In Depth Fundamental Analysis Tutorial
  • In Depth Tutorial on Valuation
  • How to Read Financial Statements


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Have you ever taken a stock market course and in the end felt like you still just didn’t know what you needed to. You still didn’t know how to evaluate a company or a how to tell what it’s really worth? Well that’s how many of our previous students felt before taking this programme.

And that’s why our programme is SO DIFFERENT! Yes we go through the basics of the market you need to know and understanding, BUT we focus heavily on teaching you how to evaluate a business, how to find the risks, the potential and MORE.

We then cover how to project the growth potential, so you can set price targets and properly value a stock to identify what it’s worth today. If you’re goal is to be a GREAT stock picker, THIS is the programme you need.

Learn how to truly evaluate a business like a great investor, read financial statements, value a stock PROPERLY including growth stocks and much more!

In This Course LEARN:

  • The KEY Steps to Analysing Stocks
  • How to Project Revenues, Earnings & More
  • How to Find What a Stock is Worth today
  • How to Set Price Targets for stocks
  • How to Read Financial Statements Properly
  • Much MORE!

Basic Stock Market Information

In this section we cover the basics of what stocks are, what the stock market is, the indexes and more to help you gain the required basic knowledge for more advanced topics later on

Key Investing terms

As a new investor, you hear many confusing terms. In this section we explain the key terms you NEED to understand, without bogging you down with all the terms you don’t really need to know. We cover things like market cap, enterprise value, EBITDA and much more

Fundamental Analysis

The most important part of investing is your fundamental analysis! How you analyse companies to find out whether they are strong, have growth potential, what the risks are and much more. This is the part of the course we think most of you will love the most!


We cover EVERYTHING you need to know about valuation. We start with the easy methods before moving to the BEST methods used by wall street analysts and financial experts. We cover how to make projections for companies to really help you make the best investing decisions you can! 

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners to investing
  • People who want to learn how to pick stocks properly
  • Long term investors

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