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Commercial Investment Debt Consultant Certification

What you’ll learn

  • Commercial Investment Bridge Debt
  • Commercial Investment Permanent Debt
  • Commercial Investing in the U.S
  • Commercial Investing in California, Texas, and Florida


  • The only requirement needed is yearning for knowledge in the commercial real estate field


Commercial Investment Debt Consultant Certification This crash course encompasses self-improvement within the field of commercial real estate. Maximize your knowledge, expertise and ability to close deals. This course is meant for professionals that are looking to help themselves and other investors as it pertains to commercial investment debt and commercial investments that the Money Management Investment Fund is specifically looking to acquire. The Money Management Investment Fund is a private equity investment company specializing in commercial real estate. MMIFL is structured as a fund; accredited investors can benefit from the stability and realize 10%+ return on investment.


Since the 90s I have  experienced all facets of real estate-The highs and the lows and everything in between!

Continuously teaching myself and pushing myself to be the best investor and real estate professional earlier in my career was the passion behind the continued growth and the implementation of the final goal being financial freedom.

As I became an office manager and an owner one of the main roles I handled was recruiting and training but mainly educating.  I am very a custom to continuously growing myself with what I am passionate about and then sharing what I like and what I see is most beneficial to all of us.

As I looked for the best optimum way receiving the most efficient return on my capital, I realized commercial real estate was the answer.

The problem with commercial real estate is that it is truly like the wild west, unless you’re willing to do the due diligence needed you best stay away. The reason many investors flock towards the commercial, industrial, retail space is due to the stability and built in rent increases which protect and fights inflation over the long term.

I am hoping with this crash course to enable and unleash the investors within ourselves. Knowledge is power and once we understand commercial real estate it will enable us to help ourselves and our friends and colleagues around us. Some of us like myself will make it into our career that’s right that’s what I call myself a commercial investment debt consultant that’s what I’ve been focused on for the last 20 years and that is truly my passion.

Who this course is for:

  • Accountants, Attorneys, Residential Agents, and other Professionals

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