Coding interview: Software Development Masterclass

What you’ll learn

  • A knowledge oriented interview preparation framework that suits their goals
  • Planning the phases of interview process to avoid burnout
  • Become better at current job while preparing for a job change by systematic upskilling
  • Finer software engineering and technical details that help a candidate standout during interviews


  • Working in or planning to work in software industry
  • Not looking for a job urgently


Objective Coding interview: Software Development Masterclass

The course is for people who want to uplevel their engineering skills and search for better opportunities without burning out.

Interviews are becoming more time-consuming as the software industry gathers pace. In addition, new trends keep getting introduced, leaving candidates exhausted to keep up.

The course recommends a more systematic knowledge-driven framework over a burst coding mode in browsers.

Course Structure

  • Section 1: Necessity for an alternative approach inclined towards career growth instead of instant gratification.
  • Section 2: Foundation Phase (12- 9 months)
    • The gathering phase. Identify the possible sources for the relevant information.
  • Section 3: Reinforcement Phase (9 – 6 months)
    • The sorting phase. Organize the resources based on the refined needs of the job search.
  • Section 4: Convergence Phase (6 -3 months)
    • Drill down further to identify only the necessary information.
  • Section 5:  End game (3-0 months)
    • Execute with a clear plan built on all the gathered information.
  • Section 6: Conclusion

Key Takeaways:

  1. The idea is simple, prepare at your pace throughout the year and apply only when ready to invest 8 weeks for the potential employers.
  2. Maximize the learnings to capitalize on the current workplace or the new one!

What doesn’t the course offer?

  • The course does not talk about compensation and HR interview handling
  • The course does not talk about the behavioral interview and dress code etc.
  • The course does not explicitly target FAANG/MAANG.
  • The course does not deal with urgent career change situations like a layoff, reaction to a bad performance review, etc.

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals planning to make a career transistion
  • Professionals in cooling off period of their desired comapnies
  • Software professionals from emerging countires try to crack interviews of MNCs like FAANG
  • Recent graduates trying to understand the interview process
  • People looking to rejoin the industry after a break

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