CFD Analysis & Optimization using SolidWorks Free Surface

What you’ll learn

  • Students will learn Basic and Complex Design Analysis technique
  • Students will understand the importance of different fluid domains and how to utilize single domain with heterogeneous mixture
  • Students will learn a new technique, known a Free Surface technique to Analyze CFD Problems with heterogeneous mixture
  • Students will learn the complete process for CFD Analysis, Parametric Study and Optimization
  • Students will learn how to utilize CFD Tool to Solve complex Industrial Problems


  • Basic knowledge of SolidWorks and conception of Engineering Drawing


This coursework contains 13 videos with a duration of approximately five hours. All the videos are about CFD analysis and Optimization using SolidWorks Free Surface technique, which is a new technique introduced with SolidWorks 2018 version onwards to solve heterogeneous fluid mixing in a single fluid domain. The videos are about industry specific problems, represented in a simple manner with simpler examples. Some of these projects are taken from Engineering PhD thesis. This course is made keeping in mind about the intermediate & advanced learners. In this course-work important CAD models have also been provided as resources for users practice purpose.

1. Introduction to CFD Basics and Free Surface technique in SolidWorks

2. CFD Sloshing Effect in Oil Tanker & its reduction

3. CFD Sloshing Effect of Water inside a Bottle

4. CFD Hydro Electric Project

5. CFD Flow Simulation & Particle Study of a Fluidized Bed Gasifier

6. CFD Fluid Mixing inside a Gasoline Chamber

7. CFD Heat Transfer Analysis inside a Cup

8. CFD Heat Transfer Analysis & Optimization through a special Surface Condenser

9. CFD Heat Transfer Analysis & Water Misting Effect inside a Room

10. CFD Flow Simulation through a Nozzle & Water Misting Effect

11. CFD Molding Process

12. CFD Transient Analysis with Heterogeneous Fluid Mixing

13. CFD Free Surface technique through inter-connected Chambers

Who this course is for:

  • Engineering students, CAD/CAM/CAE Professionals and CFD experts

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