Certificate in Strategy Planning Maturity Assessment

What you’ll learn

  • Ensure you have the right tools, processes, and people in the right place for your strategy planning process.
  • Identify the weaknesses of your current Strategy Planning Framework and learn how to shift to the next maturity level.
  • Maximize the added value generated by your strategy planning process.
  • Formulate recommendations to optimize strategy planning practices.


  • There are no mandatory prerequisites, but general knowledge on strategy planning is recommended.


Certificate in Strategy Planning Maturity Assessment. This micro-certification course explores the maturity of strategy planning practices by introducing an evaluation tool that can be used by professionals to continuously improve the way strategy is formulated in the organization.

The maturity assessment methodology presented is the proprietary knowledge of The KPI Institute and Global Performance Audit Unit, built on 10+ years of research and practical experience in strategy formulation.

Professionals enrolled in this course gain practical experience in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of organizational practices and formulating improvement recommendations in 6 key areas:

  1. Organizational Identity
  2. Strategy Formulation
  3. Strategy Articulation
  4. Strategy Alignment
  5. Strategy Review
  6. Strategy Governance & Communication


  • Strategic Planning – Design an effective strategy formulation process.
  • Project Management – Organize and lead a framework assessment initiative.
  • Maturity Model Assessment – Conduct an evaluation using a maturity model blueprint.

Bonus inclusions:

  • One-time free access per student account to our full assessment methodology on the Global Performance Audit Unit online platform!
  • One extra module and video lectures on Performance Culture Assessment included in the course’s curricula.

This micro-certification is part of the curriculum of the Certified Performance Management Systems Audit Professional Program. Participants who have successfully completed this course can contact us to discuss more details about obtaining this unique certification at global level. Reach out to within 12 months after course completion.

Who this course is for:

  • Strategy Management Experts: Strategy Managers, Performance Management Specialists on matters of corporate performance, Business Planners, or independent consultants in this domain are the parties directly interested in developing a tool that will enable them to assess fast, objectively, and against best practices the strategy planning framework of an organization.
  • Audit Professionals: Audit experts, from any background, looking to garner greater knowledge regarding the assessment of organizational performance systems through the use of The KPI Institute’s trademarked Integrated Performance Maturity Model Framework and developed by the Global Performance Audit Unit (the GPA Unit).
  • Executives: Senior Managers and Executives can find value in this micro-certificate by acknowledging the fundamental best practices in strategic planning and learning about maturity model assessments, with functional principles that can be applied in area area.

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