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Campus Computing Strategy Bootcamp

What you’ll learn

  • Gain an understanding of current trends
  • Learn how to calculate TCO
  • Understand the different technology solutions available
  • Get started developing a strategy


  • No experience necessary, all are welcome


Campus Computing Strategy Bootcamp. This course covers all of the tenants to developing a solid campus computing strategy for colleges and universities. We cover history, trends, technology solutions, total cost of ownership, and considerations for serving students and users. We provide guidance on how to develop a strategy, what questions to ask, and which stakeholder groups to engage with. Included in the course are assignments that will help form the blueprint of each participant’s own strategy document.

Drawing on years of experience, the presenter will guide participants through the material and share relevant information as well as personal experiences to help highlight and illustrate the critical points.

With the pandemic lockdown of 2020/2021, many schools were caught unprepared to continue the delivery of coursework to students. This bootcamp course will help ensure that does not happen again. With a focus on student experience, equity of access, and flexibility, our course will help participants develop a computing strategy that will enable them to be successful in a changing landscape.

Because technology will continue to play a huge role in any campus computing strategy, this course includes a large section of material covering the most popular technology products available on the market today. The presenter will review the attributes of each technology and will share the pros and cons of each solution.

Who this course is for:

  • Decision makers, lab managers, CIOs, and anyone looking to make a positive impact on campus.

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