Business Coach Practitioner Accreditation

What you’ll learn

  • Ability to register with ICR (International Coach Register) as a Business Coach Practitioner
  • How to become a world class Business Coach
  • How to create a High-Performance Culture
  • How to cut through underperformance
  • How to create an Innovative Culture
  • How to remove roadblocks to success
  • How to apply Psychology into business for results


  • A desire to be a more “effective” manager of people and self in the workplace


Business Coach Practitioner Accreditation

On completion of this course, you are authorized to register with International Coach Register (ICR) as a Business Coach Practitioner.

Our Training Program provides new and seasoned people of influence in the business environment with leading-edge coaching and business development skills to naturally ensure your long-term success.

This course is aimed at working professionals and aspiring coaches who wish to see themselves as a Professional Business Coach Practitioner.

Business Coaches are highly in demand everywhere in the world, businessmen prefer to hire an ICR Certified Business Coach as ICR coaches are highly reliable in terms of coaching skills as ICR itself is best known for its coaching standards.

As a Business Coach you will be partnering with your client in growing their business/self by helping them clarify their purpose and how it fits in with their personal goals. Aligning personal goals to the business helps business owners/employees to be more motivated and provides them a more focused direction.

This program aims to introduce students to some fundamental coaching competencies, as well as how to draw on learnings from an Applied Psychology framework. The learning is focused on tapping into potential and removing barriers.

This program includes practical downloadable exercises in order to learn how to apply the principles into the business place for maximum effect.

This is a world class best-selling course with a proven track record and excellent reviews.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners to advanced

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