Build Spring Boot and Thymeleaf Real Time Web Application

What you’ll learn

  • Build Spring Boot and Thymeleaf Real Time Web Application
  • Developing Production Ready Industry Standard Full Stack Web Application with Spring Boot and Thymeleaf
  • Securing Spring Boot Web application with Spring Security
  • Encrypting the plain passwords using Spring Security
  • Connecting Spring Boot application with ORM Frameworks like JPA and Hibernate
  • JPA/Hibernate OneToOne, OneToMany Relationships
  • Integrating Spring Boot application with Thymeleaf template
  • Filtering the records, searching and sorting
  • Validating the Thymeleaf forms at Client side
  • Handling the Exceptions in Spring Boot
  • Creating custom exceptions in Spring Boot
  • Handling the Validation at Server side
  • Adding CSS, Javascript and jQuery to Thymeleaf templates
  • Deploying the Spring Boot application to Heroku and AWS cloud
  • Dockerizing the Spring Boot application
  • Creating Spring profiles for different environments
  • Connecting Spring Boot application to MySQL and PostgreSQL database
  • Adding Bootstrap 5 to Thymeleaf templates and make application mobile responsive
  • Creating JPA query methods to perform the database operations
  • Mapping Entity objects to DTO objects using Model Mapper


  • Basics of Java
  • Basics of Spring Framework


Welcome to the Best online course Full Stack Development: Spring Boot and Thymeleaf to become a master in building industry standard full stack web application that includes more than 10+ features that you would expect from real world applications.

Following are some of the Application features –

  • Connecting the Spring Boot application to the MySQL database
  • Connect Spring boot application to ORM frameworks JPA, Hibernate
  • Use the JPA mappings OnetoOne, OneToMany
  • Perform the database operations
  • Searching, Sorting, and Filtering the records
  • Creating the JPA query methods
  • Securing the web application using Spring security
  • Encrypt the plain password using Spring security
  • Creating Registration and Login form
  • Integrating Spring boot application with Thymeleaf template
  • Adding CSS, Bootstrap 5, Javascript, and jQuery to the Thymeleaf template
  • Make the application mobile responsive for the best experience
  • Deploy the application to production servers Heroku, AWS
  • Dockerize the Spring Boot application
  • Add the Spring profiles to configure the datasource for different environments

and will be adding many more features as we progress in the course.

If you are not familiar with Thymeleaf, I have created a separate section to learn about the basics of Spring Boot and Thymeleaf.

This course is completely Practical and Full of Hands On coding. You will code every single line along with me and i will explain each and every line of code that what we are writing.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers who already know basics of Spring framework and wants to Build Real World Project
  • University students who want to learn Full Stack Development with Spring Boot and Thymeleaf

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