Build a full stack NFT Marketplace using Solidity & Next js

What you’ll learn

  • Blockchain Knowledge
  • Web3 full stack architecture
  • Solidity implementation
  • Use of Hardhat and Metamask
  • NFT data manipulation and storage on Pinata
  • Next JS Integration with Web3 and Blockchain
  • Creation of NFT(ERC721) Smart Contract
  • Real world decentralised application


  • Basics of Solidity
  • Knowledge of Hardhat
  • Basics of Next js


If you are a part of the cryptocurrency space, there is a chance you might have heard of this trending digital asset known as NFT. This course covers everything you need for a decentralized NFT application according to the ERC721 standard. Users will be able to sell and purchase NFTs with Ether in our marketplace.

You’ll learn how to build a full stack NFT marketplace on Ethereum with Solidity, IPFS, Next.js, Ethers.js, and Hardhat. We’ll start from scratch, creating a new hardhat project and installing the dependencies. We’ll then write and test out the smart contracts. Once the tests have passed, we’ll write the front end code to connect the smart contracts. NFT metadata will be stored on Pinata which is an IPFS based storage.


To be successful in this guide, you must have the following:

  1. Node.js and VS Code should be installed.
  2. Metamask wallet extension should be installed in your browser with some test Goerli ethers in it.
  3. Basic knowledge of Solidity, hardhat and Next js required.

The stack

In this course, we will build out a full stack application using:

Web application framework – Next.js
Solidity development environment – Hardhat
File Storage – Pinata
Client Library – Ethers.js

By the end of the course you will learn all the concepts required to apply for a web3 developer job or even build your own startup in the blockchain industry. So without wasting any more time, enrol now and get into the next era of internet asap.

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate Blockchain Developer
  • Developer who want to get practical knowledge
  • Students curious about Web3 development

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