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Boost Salesforce Development with SFDX CLI, Git and VS Code

What you’ll learn

  • Project creation with SFDX CLI
  • Basic operations of Git such as Commit, Push, Pull
  • Apex Replay Debugger
  • Combined operations of SFDX CLI, Git and VS Code
  • Use of Manifest File to Deploy and Retrieve components
  • Org Browser in VS Code
  • Creation of Components and Apex Classes from VS Code
  • Apex Test Execution and Code Coverage from VS Code
  • Track code changes in SFDX Project with Git
  • Effective use of VS Code with magical extensions


  • Basics of Salesforce


In this course, you will be able to write and deploy your codes to Salesforce from VS Code. You will learn basic git operation and its combined operations with SFDX CLI with some power of VS Code.

In these 70 mins, we will install the necessary software. After that, we will kick start with our Hands-on. Starting with SFDX CLI, we will learn project creation, deployment, retrieval, and creation of the components. We will also learn Test class execution and Apex code coverage from VS code. Then we will start with Git including the basic operations of Git. After that, we will focus on the combined operations of SFDX CLI and Git with VS Code. We will learn some cool tricks with VS Code.

If you are a beginner in the Salesforce ecosystem or a learning professional, then this course is perfect for you to speed up your Salesforce development with SFDX CLI, Git, and VS Code.

This course will include the following topics:

1. Installation of necessary software:

  • Installation of VS Code
  • Installation of SFDX CLI
  • Installation of Git
  • Salesforce Extension Pack

2. Power of SFDX CLI

  • Creating SFDX Project
  • Authorizing Org
  • Creating and using the manifest file
  • Retrieving components using the manifest file
  • Deploying components using the manifest file
  • Creating deployment package using the manifest file
  • Deploying and retrieving files without using the manifest file
  • Org browser in VS Code
  • Creating class and components from VS Code
  • Executing test class from VS Code
  • Check Apex Code Coverage from VS Code

3. Understanding the Git operations

  • Pushing SFDX Project to Git Repo
  • Cloning branch to VS Code
  • Tracking the Code changes
  • Staging, committing, and pushing the changes
  • Pulling changes from the cloud repository
  • Pulling new branches to VS Code
  • Creating new branches in VS Code

4. Combined use of SFDX CLI and Git

  • Understanding the combined operations of SFDX CLI and Git

5. Effective use of VS Code

  • SOQL Query Builder
  • Anonymous Apex Execution from VS Code
  • Formatting the Code easily
  • Code comparing in VS Code

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners in Salesforce ecosystem, looking to speedup Salesforce project development process
  • Associates with little experince of VS Code, and want to switch from developer console to VS Code

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