Personal Development

Body Language

What you’ll learn

  • Communicate effectively and accurately with people
  • ability to express oneself correctly
  • using body language effectively
  • Understanding the other person’s body language


  • Interested in self-development and learning


In order to express our feelings and thoughts correctly and effectively, it is important that we use our body language correctly and actively, together with choosing the right words.

In addition to being able to use body language correctly, it is important that we can read the body language of the other person correctly.

Body language movements are made up of general judgments. You can get a general idea of a person we meet for the first time by reading body language, but these thoughts may not be completely incompatible with the person.

We should evaluate body language movements with environmental factors and personality traits in mind.

This training consists of 10 parts in total. The content of these 10 chapters is as follows.

1.Chapter; Introduction to body language

2.Chapter; Limbic system reactions

3.Chapter; Calming behaviors

4.Chapter; Body language regions

5.Chapter; Hand movements and handshakes

6.Chapter; Other common body language movements

7.Chapter; Eye movements

8.Chapter; Foot movements

9.Chapter; Representational systems

10.Chapter; Mimics

In this training, we will focus on the body language movements that are widely used and frequently encountered.What awaits you in this education?

– Meaning of gestures and mimics

– Calming body language movements

– Basic vital responses

– Body language regions

– Meanings of hand and foot movements

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is committed to development and learning

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