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Be a Successful YouTuber in Sri Lanka 2022 (Sinhala Guide)

What you’ll learn

  • Be a Successful YouTuber in Sri Lanka 2022 (Sinhala Guide)
  • How to set up an attractive channel
  • How to get more views by analyzing algorithm
  • How to convert viewers to subscribers
  • How to create viral content
  • How to increase average watch duration
  • How to increase click through rate
  • How to make money using YouTube
  • Equipments required for youtube
  • Understanding your category
  • YouTube shorts art
  • How to maximize security and prevent hacking
  • Secret tips and tricks


  • No previous experience on youtube required. Suitable for anyone who is below 100,000 subscribers or planning to start a channel.
  • Computer and an internet connection


In this course you get to learn everything you need to know to become a successful youtuber from someone who has done that before. This course is for everyone who is planning to start a youtube journey or already has a youtube channel. Knowledge gathered by first hand experience and many researches have been compiled into a two hours video course. Starting from how to create a channel , we progress up to very complex topics. We talk about youtube studio , youtube categories and youtube equipment in the initial part. Then we move into the section where I teach you how to maximize your views. In there we talk about how to create viral content and make algorithm supportive content. Then we talk about how to convert those hard earned views to subscribers. After that we deeply talk about youtube shorts , analyzing analytics , youtube security and money making ways of youtube. Finally I provide you with some tips I personally follow. I am providing all this knowledge to you for the best minimum price on Udemy. I am happy to help you beyond the course . I will be providing everyone who took the course with lifetime free advises on youtube related questions. I love to see you shining in the youtube platform as a successful creator.

Happy Learning !

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is below 100,000 subscribers or planning to start a channel.

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