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Basics of Engineering Metrology

What you’ll learn

  • Fundamental Metrology Concepts
  • Mechanical Measuring Instruments
  • 3D Metrology & Measurement
  • Types of Metrologies, Standards, Gauges, CMM


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Welcome to the Course Basics of Engineering Metrology

In the modern world, the study of measurement is an essential component in many fields, including manufacturing, engineering, science and technology.

Within these fields, metrology is used to validate and verify pre-defined standards.

The course content is designed by the Metrology experts of GaugeHow with the help of the Messgerat Labs team

Metrology is important because almost all of everyday life, not to mention practical science, technology, engineering and medicine,

involves measurements that we rely on for our health, commercial prosperity, quality of life and the protection of the environment.

Metrology is the science of high accuracy measurement. It is the technology behind the assurance of quality in the manufacturing process.

Metrology enables automotive manufacturers to produce numerous identical parts of sophisticated equipment, and it helps make sure that your car runs smoothly and safely.

Metrology is relevant to part production in two primary ways. Before manufacturing starts, metrological instruments are used to calibrate the machinery and tooling that will be used during production, which helps to ensure accurate and precise parts.

Quite simply, Metrology is the scientific study of measurement. Concerning advanced manufacturing, Metrology is acknowledged to be the methodology and science behind quality control.

Thank you and see you in the Course

About the Instruction Team:

Hello, My Name is Deepak from India. I am a Mechanical Engineer by Profession and an Expert in ISO 10360, ISO 10725 and Measurement Uncertainty.

I have 5 years of experience in the field of Engineering and am Passionate about similar Content Creation.

I designed this course with the help of GaugeHow members to simply Metrology terms.

Who this course is for:

  • Engineering students
  • Students willing to make a career in the Engineering and Metrology
  • Calibration Engineers
  • Technical Manager/ Metrology Labs
  • Anyone who interested in Metrology

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