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Basic Certificate in Health Safety & Environment-HSE Level 2 Free

What you’ll learn

  • Basic Certificate in Health Safety & Environment-HSE Level 2 Free
  • Understand the principles of health and safety management including the legal framework guiding the management of HSE at work
  • Learn how to create and implement a safety program from the scratch for your organisation
  • Understand the structure, elements and principles of a Health and Safety Management Systems
  • Identify and understand how to deploy the various program elements that form a safety management system
  • Learn the safety roles and responsibilities in the workplace from top management to the worker.
  • Learn how to conduct safety inspections on site, in the office or for projects.
  • Learn how to carry of job safety analysis and create correct work procedures
  • Learn the techniques and approach to accident investigation and reporting including accident causation models.
  • Learn how to conduct risk assessment including hazard identification, analysis, evaluation and control. Learn about the use of risk matrix for hazard analysis.
  • Understand the hierarchy of controls and how to apply it to ensure a safe workplace.
  • Understand the deployment of safety controls in the workplace including elimination, substitution, engineering controls, administrative controls and PPEs
  • Gain insight into behaviour based safety and stakeholder engagement for safety promotion.
  • Understand HSE policy and the the principles, structure and application of OSH management systems like the ISO 45001 and ILO;OSH 2001


  • HSE Level 1 Knowledge would be helpful but not required.


Basic Certificate in Health Safety & Environment-HSE Level 2 Free The Basic Certificate in Health Safety & Environment (HSE Level 2) covers the key concepts, theories and practices that an EHS practitioner requires to understand and be able to supervise and manage safety in any workplace, facility or project.

This course discusses in details the planning, implementation, review and improvement processes for an EHS program in any organisation. The ISO, ILO and HSG frameworks for safety management are discussed in this course. The course also examines how to develop a safety policy and the programs and procedures that are required in a safety program for it to be effective.

This HSE Level 2 course teaches the topics of safety inspection, accident investigation and reporting as well as risk assessment in great detail with illustrative videos, resources, assignments and quizzes included.

This is the most effective way to jump start your career in Health, Safety and Environment – HSE while going through a curriculum that compares with other recognized certifications around the world.

The course includes 26 course instructional modules, 1 pre-course test, over 12 post module quizzes, several illustration videos, 4 assignments and several downloadable resource materials and templates for your use.

Some of the topics covered in the course include;

Health and Safety Management Systems

The elements and principles of a health and safety management system

Policy; Organising; Planning and implementing; Measuring performance; Auditing; Reviewing performance

The principles of OHSAS 18001 and ILO;OSH 2001

Preventing Accidents

The importance of and relationship between incidents and accidents, Definitions/interpretations of incidents and accidents

Accident causation

Immediate causes

Underlying causes


The reasons for preventing accidents

Moral, Legal and Economic

Risk Assessment

The risk assessment process in the context of a health and safety management System

How to conduct a suitable and sufficient risk assessment

HSE’s Five Steps to Risk Assessment

– methods and techniques

– practical application, e.g. fire

Measures for controlling risks

Hierarchical approach to risk control

Personal Protective Equipment

The main types of personal protective equipment

Assessing the suitability of personal protective equipment

The requirements relating to the inspection, testing and maintenance of personal protective equipment

The requirements relating to the provision of information, instruction and training on the use of personal protective equipment

and many more…

Who this course is for:

  • Persons that are responsible for the supervision of health and safety in the workplace.
  • Line Supervisors, Team Leads, Department Heads and Managers who require the knowledge and skills to promote safety in the workplace
  • HSE Officers, Supervisors and Managers
  • Anyone seeking to gain in-depth knowledge of HSE Management

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