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Anxiety & Stress: Manage and reduce anxiety and stress now

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to become more mentally fit
  • Identify compulsions
  • Identify valued actions to grow
  • Learn tools such as mindfulness, cognitive diffusion and self validation


  • No experience necessary.


Anxiety & Stress: Manage and reduce anxiety and stress now. I teach Mental fitness as a tool to greatly reduce anxiety, stress and fear. In this course you’ll learn how to accept your trauma without re-living it. You’ll learn tools that will help relieve anxiety, compulsions and uncomfortable sensations that come with anxiety. You will learn instead to re-train your brain to focus on actions that you value, thus creating a life you love, based on what is important to you. Some of the tools included are:

  • Identifying compulsions
  • Identifying actions you value (what you want to spend your time on)
  • Identifying the meaning of validating yourself
  • Learning how to use mindfulness, along with the actions that you value to re-train your brain

I’ve included plenty of documents to work on, as well as a 10-page “mental MAPS” handout download.

Mental fitness is an incredibly important skill to learn. Just as we are taught physical fitness in our life, we should also be taught how to strengthen our mental fitness. The more you practice you mental fitness tools, the more you will notice your energy and attention going to the things you want to grow and create in your life. Just like physical fitness, you will need to show up and commit to the work!

Practicing to recognize and no longer partake in our compulsions, along with practicing cognitive defusion, internal validation, and accepting all of your emotions while mindfully taking actions that you value are the key components to mental fitness. I hope you join me on this course to truly change your life!

Who this course is for:

  • Mental fitness is for anyone who is looking to become mentally strong, while reducing the bodily sensation of anxiety. It teaches you to create the life you want to live! Join Certified Trauma Coach Lara Kinslow as she guides you through these simple practices to become more mentally fit.

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