ANIMAL COMMUNICATION In ONE Hour Course – A 5 Step Method

What you’ll learn

  • ANIMAL COMMUNICATION In ONE Hour Course – A 5 Step Method
  • Learn the foundational skills of animal communication (also known as interspecies communication)
  • Experience expertly guided tutorials and exercises to achieve your goals
  • An easy step by step approach to achieve and reach your potential with animal communication
  • You will discover new insights and develop your energetic and intuitive senses


  • An open mind and a big heart for animals
  • Internet access
  • Prepared to give yourself and the animals an hour of your time


ANIMAL COMMUNICATION is the ability to communicate with animals using your mind and senses. It’s about understanding the telepathic nature of ourselves and other animals, and understanding what they are trying to tell you. Really, it’s about connecting with our animal friends on a deeper, yet totally natural level.

Many already know me as a teacher of animal communication with over 5,000 online students and many more I have taught in person! Yet something was missing from my courses and that was a much shorter course. This should be primarily aimed at novices who wanted to try animal communication, without the need for further study, theory, paperwork or assessment.

Based on my previous trainings, I have chosen the 5 key components of animal communication and created this easy-to-follow instructional course.

You will learn to:

  • Develop deeper relationships with your animal companions
  • How to ‘communicate’ with animals using techniques that are already proven to work and are natural
  • Enhance your intuitive awareness, energy and consciousness
  • Learn animal communication with professional standards from a renowned animal communicator
  • Professionally recorded audio downloads for all the guided exercises, so you can work offline too
  • Guidance on how to prepare for an animal communication session

If after the course, you wish to study deeper and gain an approved certificate, or the professional diploma, the details are included at the end of the course. Or, you may be content to just know you can communicate with animals now and have the skills to do it from this course!

I look forward to you joining me and hearing from you about how you are getting along with your animal communication.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is ideal for new animal communicators or those who have already learned the topic and need a refresher

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