AEM Interview Q&A And Developer Certification Tests 2022

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to answer AEM Technical Questions in Interview
  • 100+ Quiz Questions will help you prepare for AEM Developer Certification
  • Understand the concepts of AEM Architecture, JCR, Bundles, Workflow
  • Prepare for AEM Interviews at multiple levels
  • Prepare for AEM Developer Certification
  • Answer Questions on AEM Architecture, Templates, Components, OSGi, JCR
  • Answer Questions on Sling, Sightly/ HTL, Workflow, Author & Publish modes etc.


  • Basic Knowledge of AEM, JavaScript and HTML
  • Optionally you can start your career by enrolling in Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 course on Udemy (by Jasvinder Singh)


AEM Interview Q&A And Developer Certification Tests 2022. AEM is one of the fastest growing tool/framework across companies in the market and job demands for AEM Developers are very high with salaries reaching up to $100,000 and more.

The course is aimed for IT professionals who are interested in pursuing their career in Adobe Experience Manager, the complete Web Content Management System.

It has 2 parts:

  • AEM Q&A – Prepare for Interviews
  • AEM Developer Certification Practice Tests – Latest Practice Tests updated in 2022

Do you want to clear AEM Interview with full confidence and preparation? 
**Ok then. You have landed at the right place as the course will guide you, prepare you for tricky AEM interview questions and start your career as AEM Professional.**

Prepare for AEM Interview covering 150+ Questions and Answers on Architecture, Templates, Components, JCR Repository, Sling, OSGi, Workflow, ClientLibs, Sightly, Workflow and much more..

This course is well structured with all elements of different questions separated by different topics. Students should take this course if seriously want to advance their career and crack the technical rounds of AEM.

*The course is updated with latest 2022 practice test questions*

Prepare for AEM Developer Level Exam with the latest questions.

In this course you get 100+ certification exam questions, go ahead.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to crack AEM Job interviews with confident
  • Students who are seriously preparing for AEM Job interviews and AEM Developer Certification

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