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5G Lab for Service Based Architecture & Signaling

What you’ll learn

  • Highlight the need of lab setup to understand 5G end to end signaling
  • Understanding 5G concepts in terms of current and future releases
  • Providing a practical configuration example to understand Service Based Architecture of 5G
  • Understanding 5G Protocols
  • Providing details of Service Based Interface and HTTP/2 Protocols
  • Demonstration of 5G lab to capture and understand end to end traces


  • Basic understanding of 4G/5G and telecom fundamentals is preferred


5G Lab for Service Based Architecture & Signaling

This is the first course in our series of 5G lab based courses.

In this training program we will demonstrate the overall structure of our 5G lab.

In this course we will learn Following Topics

1. 5G Basic Introduction,

2. 5G Core architecture,

3. 5G Architecture Framework

4. 5G Service Based Architecture and Signaling with detailed description of AMF (Access Mobility Function), SMF (Session Management Function), UPF (User Plane Function), PCF (Policy Control Function), UDR (Unified Data repository), AUSF (Authentication Server Function), UDM (Unified Data Management), AF (Application Function), NEF, NRF, NSSF (Network Slice Selection Function). All the parameters explained with lab demonstration as well. We have also described the features which are new in 5G technology like NEF (Network Exposure Function), NRF (Network repository Function)

5. Service Based Architecture of 5G Core Network

6. Interaction between network functions / services follows two basic mechanisms

7. Example Network Function AMF (Access Mobility Function)

8. 5G Protocols,

9. 5G User Plane Protocol Stack

10. 5G Control Plane Protocol Stack

11. SBI Protocol Stack

12. Introduction to HTTP/2 for SBI (Service Based Interface)

13. Benefits of HTTP/2

14. Service API With Example

15. Service and Service Operation Example

16. NRF and NPF

17. 5G Key Enabler Features like New Radio, Network Slicing, Massive MIMO, mmWave, ML/AI, MEC, NFV/SDN, Kubernetes, Cloud RAN, Front/Mid Haul

18. High Level Call flow using lab,

19. 5GS Reference Point Representation,

20. Service based interface,

21. Various network functions of 5GS,

22. 5G SA End to End Call flow.

23. Release 16 Study

24. Release 17 Study

25. All the parameters of 5G network architecture explained with lab demonstration

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who would like to understand the working principal of 5G lab for 5G Service Based Architecture and end to end signaling

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