10 Facebook Ads Strategies That Make Me 6-Figures

What you’ll learn

  • Choose the right campaign settings
  • Set the right budget and schedule
  • Effectively target your ideal audience
  • Create custom audiences for retargeting
  • Create lookalike audiences for scale
  • Choose the best placements
  • Create engaging image Facebook Ads
  • Create winning video Facebook Ads
  • Write compelling captions for your Facebook Ads
  • Test, manage and scale your campaigns


  • No prior knowledge or experience required!
  • A Facebook ads account, with the Facebook Pixel already set up is recommended, but not essential


Welcome to my Facebook Ads course that will teach you how to launch Facebook Ads (and Instagram Ads) from start to finish in 10 steps. My Facebook Ads approach is quick, simple and effective, and you can use it to gain thousands of followers, leads and sales every month.

My name’s Nik Swami – I’ve built multiple 6-figure online businesses using Facebook Ads, and I now teach others how they can do the same by using the right advertising strategies.

My courses have over 40,000 students from over 170 countries, and my Facebook Ads coaching clients have made millions of dollars in combined sales.

Facebook Ads is the best advertising platform in the world right now, because it can produce incredible results for you very quickly. But in order to get those results, there’s specific things you have to get right with Facebook Ads, otherwise it doesn’t work.

That’s why I created this Facebook Ads course – I’m gonna show you exactly how to do Facebook advertising the right way, so you can achieve those incredible results.

So, what are my 10 steps?

  1. You’ll learn how to choose your campaign settings, so you can start building your Facebook Ads campaign with confidence
  2. You’ll learn how to set your budget and schedule, so your Facebook Ads can fully optimize and get you the best results
  3. You’ll learn how to define your target audience, so your Facebook Ads reach the best people for whatever you want to promote or sell
  4. You’ll learn how to create custom audiences, which allow you to retarget people with Facebook Ads and get them to take the actions you want
  5. You’ll learn how to create lookalike audiences, so you can grow your results with one of Facebook Ads most powerful features
  6. You’ll learn how to choose the best placements, so your Facebook Ads get shown in the right way, in the right places
  7. You’ll learn how to create engaging image Facebook Ads, so they really grab your audience’s attention, and get them to take action
  8. You’ll learn how to create winning video Facebook Ads, and this will give you a huge advantage over most advertisers
  9. You’ll learn how to write compelling captions, because when you know what to say, your Facebook Ads will become so much more effective
  10. You’ll learn how to test, manage and scale your Facebook Ads campaigns, so you know exactly how to become successful from start to finish

Alright so, if you wanna learn how to effectively launch Facebook Ads and gain the results you want, this Facebook advertising course will show you how.

Anyone who enrolls in this Facebook Ads course will also have direct access to me and my team through Udemy’s messaging platform, by email and you can also join me on Instagram.

I’ve helped thousands of people to succeed with Facebook Ads, and I’m excited for you to join us!

See you on the other side!


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to launch a winning Facebook Ads campaign step-by-step, from start to finish! (this includes Instagram Ads)

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