產品可靠度工程師專業課程下部Professional Reliability Engineer Class-Lower

What you’ll learn

  • 1.能執行量產可靠度監督/追蹤和管控,維持和改善可靠Ability to perform mass production Reliability,monitoring / tracking and control, to maintain and improve Reliability 。
  • 2.能執行各種可靠度工程,其設計/分析和相關技術Able to perform various Reliability Engineering,its design / analysis and related techniques 。
  • 3.能規劃和建立,各種可靠度管理機制Able to plan and establish,the various Reliability Management mechanisms 。
  • 4.能依市場回饋資訊,執行各種改善/調整和修正Can implement various improvements / adjustments and corrections,that is based on market feedback information 。


  • 無先決條件要求 without learning condition。


產品可靠度工程師專業課程下部Professional Reliability Engineer Class-Lower. Usually 4C (Consumer/Computer/Communication/Car) products will require product Reliability level regardless of ODM or OBM, Because it represents product grade、return rate/cost、market competitiveness etc.,the more advanced the product is,the more stringent the Reliability requirements are, In particular Industry 4.0 has a high automation,

and the components and products of facilities and equipment must also require the Reliability of objects, However, how to plan、design、prove、 implement、manage、revise and establish rules and standards etc., most of the relevant engineers of the enterprise currently listen to what they say, Even the management team does not know how to start, in the strict market competition environment, how to improve the competitiveness of products in addition to product quality undoubtedly,Product Reliability will be a major competitive key factor, and this class will have a background in wide demand。

This class from the perspectives of managers and engineers (management + technology), and the product life cycle , How to do a good job of product Reliability thinking, the scope is enough to meet the needs of enterprises, the professional field of lecturer has been recognized by both sides of the strait, that have conducted counseling for many companies on the Reliability on track, and there is a theoretical connection in practice, to ensure that classmates can apply it, It is hereby recommended!


本課程從經營者及工程師雙角度(管理+技術)視野,及產品壽命週期(Product life cycle)內,應如何做好產品可靠度思維,其範圍足以因應企業所需,講師專業領域已獲兩岸認同,已執行輔導許多企業可靠度上軌,實務中有理論的聯結,保證學員即可應用,特此推薦!

Who this course is for:

  • 產品可靠度相關工程師和主管 Managers and Engineers related Product Reliability。

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